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Mark Ruffalo BLAMES Fans Due To Negative She-Hulk Reviews!

The adult pretenders are at it again. They can never understand the fact that the general public does not want to consume their identity politics and woke garbage.

They even have to resort to the old victim narrative when they cannot come up with a legitimate defence. Ruffalo knows that highlighting the fact that "women" and "BIPOC" are the main stars of these pathetic shows will attract the usual mob to positively praise this filth. No Ruffalo, the reason we hate the show is not because of the fact that it stars "women" and "BIPOC" it is because Hollywood are weaponizing people of these demographics to push their ideological narratives, but you already knew that didn't you?

While we are on this subject, if you care soo much about legitimate thoughts and opinions about this show being expressed then why don't you hate on the big corporations like Twitter who push these manufactured tweets that praise the show? I know why, because it would go against your narrative. I know that Twitter are deliberately pushing these tweets because the users who post them have little to know followers but somehow manage to get tens of thousands of likes.

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