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Why I Love the Character of Draco Malfoy

In my opinion, Draco is a criminally underrated character. Granted, people do always talking about him when discussing the franchise as a whole; however, many overlook his brilliant character arc across all the movies.

When we first meet Draco, he is the ideal Malfoy child; rude, egotistical, and stuck-up. Draco is a constant nuisance for the trio but is nothing more than that until later.

By the time we get to the events of Chamber of Secrets, we truly see the horrific nature of Draco as a person in moments such as when he uses derogatory terms to attack Hermione. Not only does this present to us the true reality of the Wizarding World but how Draco's upbringing has caused him to end up this way.

Draco's character is massively expanded upon from Half-Blood Prince onwards. Draco is assigned with the task of killing Dumbledore as a test to prove himself worthy of being a Death Eater. Until the latter half of the movie, the viewers are convinced that Draco is perfectly fine with doing this. Saying that, the ending of the movie reveals that Draco is only doing this out of fear because if he does not obey the will of Voldemort, then he will be killed instead. This brings up a hugely relatable theme of peer pressure, people often do things that they normally wouldn't in an attempt to impress the crowd they are with and remain accepted by the other members. These actions often end up in negative outcomes so it is important that it is addressed. This moment also makes us feel sympathetic towards the character of Draco because underneath his tough exterior, he is just a scared boy who wants to remain alive and is practically begging for his mortality.

Throughout Deathly Hallows, Draco is frightened when joining the Death Eaters in their meetings because he doesn't truly want to embrace evil. When a disfigured Harry is brought towards Draco, Draco doesn't expose Harry because even though he hates Harry, he hates the Dark Lord even more for what he has done to his family. Even Goyle requests Draco hurt the trio and Draco in the end refuses.

Later in life, Draco abandons his evil ways and truly tries to redeem himself.

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