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Why I Love the Character of Peggy Carter:

Peggy was a character that, when I started watching the MCU, had no clue about; however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Peggy is first introduced as working for the SSR and is responsible for helping to choose the candidate that will receive the Super Soldier Serum. The First Avenger was set between 1942-1943 so seeing a female in a high powered position was pretty unheard of; this makes Peggy instantly stand out as a very strong and capable character. This strength is not just shown in what she does physically but is also prevalent in her personality and ways of dealing with situations; Peggy will fight alongside others in the war but if she feels that there is a way of doing good that the others are not prepared to go along with then she will do it herself.

I absolutely adore the relationship between Steve and Peggy; when we first meet Steve, he is physically weak but has a heart of gold, Peggy helps him in his journey to become Captain America by placing her faith in him. I also love the fact that these characters do not just bond because of an attraction to each other but also due to the fact that their goals in life and their morals in which they wish to uphold match; it feels like one of the most natural and healthy relationships I have seen played out on the screen.

When Steve is stuck in the ice, Peggy is expectedly heartbroken but still pursues her mission of doing good in the world. Steve helped elevate Peggy in the world but now that he has gone, powerful people now just brush Peggy off to the side. The admiration I have for the character comes from the fact that she is not willing to let others keep her down but she is not going to complain about it, she is instead going to show everyone why she is strong and capable. Peggy does say that she does not need to prove her worth to anyone because she does truly value herself and I think this bestows a great moral message to the viewers about self respect.

On a very personal level, Peggy is a character in which I connect so deeply with because of her willingness to uphold positive morals even when the world is trying so desperately to keep her down.

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